June 16, 2004


PORTER RANCH, CA - Nordahl.tv LLC (www.nordahl.tv) has released "The First Annual North American Pro-Video HDTV Transition Report," a 46-page document providing in-depth market research, analysis, tabulations and forecasts for the nonlinear pro video market in North America. The report breaks the market into five defined segments:

- Editing & Finishing Workstations, Hardware & Software

- Visual Effects & Graphics Workstations, Hardware & Software

- Related Disk-based Storage Systems, SAN & NAS

- TV Play-out Server Systems

- News & Sports Production & Server Systems

The Report is based on current sales analysis of 12 leading pro video companies with public filing requirements, in addition to estimating the sales of another 50-plus companies serving the pro video market.

"This kind of a report has never before been offered to our industry," says Tore Nordahl, president of nordahl.tv LLC, a 30-year veteran executive of the North American television and pro video industry. "Up to now, other reports available are generally very expensive, serve special interests and are issued by large market data companies without intimate knowledge of the market dynamics and players in our industry. In my many executive years in this relatively small business, I have yet to come across a sober realistic and current market data report. With this new report, we have produced just that: a sober, realistic and current market data report with the very important HDTV transition forecasting."

The Report costs $1,500 in PDF file by email. For $1,800, you get PDF file by email and a Bound Color Hard Copy by FedEx. Additional hard copies are $200 each.