February 4, 2004


LOS ANGELES - Hooke Productions is using its new Media 100 844/X editing/compositing system on DVD projects, including the new James Bond title, "Die Another Day." The studio used its 844/X to edit supplemental video - such as an interview with Bond star Pierce Brosnan - that is included as part of the DVD's special features section. It also called on the 844/X's powerful compositing features to create sequences that simultaneously contain multiple views from the film.

Hooke and its Reel to Reel Productions arm are also producing and editing "making of" segments for movies such as "Spy Game."

"The demand among DVD producers and their audiences is for DVD titles that have interesting and interactive video features," says William Hooke, owner of Hooke Productions. "This includes multi-angle features and shot-to-storyboard comparisons. Although I had been producing these types of effects before, using my Media 100i system, I needed a way to produce them more rapidly. With 844/X, I can change the geometrics of the layout and all the parameters in realtime. Also, doing multi-layered builds, animated IDs, title design and other graphics is so much faster and easier."