August 30, 2004


SAN FRANCISCO - Brian Link and Rob Maher, papers co-chairs for the Audio Engineering Society's 117th Convention ( taking place in October, have developed a four-day program featuring of over 150 individual Paper and Poster sessions.

The partial line-up is as follows:

Thursday, Oct. 28 - Morning Sessions: Loudspeakers, Part 1 and Lossless Audio Coding, Part 1. Afternoon sessions will conclude those initial presentations and offer Posters on Music Synthesis & Audio Archiving, Storage and Restoration and Content Management.

Friday, Oct. 29 ? Morning Session: Audio (including Telephony) Over Networks; Session F explores Audio Archiving, Storage & Restoration and Content Management; Session Z2 Posters will investigate Instrumentation and Measurement & Lossy and Lossless Audio Coding.

That afternoon, Session G offers Audio For Computer Games; Session H focuses on Multichannel Sound; Session I covers Psychoacoustics, Perception and Listening Tests. Two consecutive Poster sessions are scheduled for Friday afternoon: Z3 Loudspeakers, Part 1 & Z4 Loudspeakers, Part 2.

Saturday, Oct. 30 - Morning session: J Microphones, and K Signal Processing, Part 1; Posters Session Z5 will explore Multichannel Sound; Session L investigates Instrumentation and Measurement; Session M, Room and Architectural Acoustics/Sound Reinforcement; Session N completes Signal Processing, Part 2; Session Z6, Posters will explore Psychoacoustics, Perception, and Listening Tests & Spatial Perception and Processing.

Sunday, Oct. 31 - Session O is entitled, Audio Recording and Reproduction & Auditory Scene Analysis. Session P offers High Resolution Audio; Session Z7 Posters: Signal Processing, Part 1; Session Q focuses on Automotive Audio; Session Z8 Posters completes: Signal Processing, Part 2; Session R explores: Spatial Perception and Processing; and finally, Session S covers Audio-Video Systems.