November 22, 2004


NEW YORK - The Possible Films Collection, a new distribution company founded by filmmaker Hal Hartley and his long-time editor Steve Hamilton, unveils its premiere DVD release: "Short Works By Hal Hartley 1994-2004."

This collection of short work - six previously unreleased short films and videos by Hartley - reveals the tireless experimentation, curiosity, and playfulness that lies behind his many feature films, like "The Unbelievable Truth," "Simple Men," "Amateur," "The Book of Life," "Trust," "Flirt," "Henry Fool," "No Such Thing," and his newest feature film "The Girl From Monday," due out in early 2005.

"For someone who sees my features and gets the impression that I am doing something extremely different from one film to the next, we thought they would appreciate seeing the in-between pieces where the features sort of take shape," explains Hartley. "We also thought that releasing these short works was an appropriate kick-off for The Possible Films Collection because these really are 'possible films,' in that I am experimenting a lot of the time, trying things out, seeing what's possible."

The premiere DVD release also includes rare footage of Hartley's controversial play "Soon," inspired by the Branch Davidian catastrophe in Waco Texas in 1993, an exclusive interview regarding it, a complete biography, and an essay by the filmmaker, as well as the never-before-seen short film "The Sisters of Mercy," starring Sabrina Lloyd and Parker Posey.

Additionally, the Possible Films Collection is currently distributing the CD "Possible Music - From the Films (ETC) of Hal Hartley." The CD release features signature tunes from many of Hartley's films, composed by the filmmaker. The next music release from the collection will be "The Girl From Monday" soundtrack, also due out in early 2005.

"We founded the Possible Films Collection because we believe there is room in the marketplace for a greater diversity of film and video entertainment that is not currently represented," concludes Hamilton. "Although the first few releases will be works by Hal Hartley, for whom there is an identifiable fan base, we are already seeking work by a diverse collection of independent film and video makers. We believe that our target audience is hungry for experimental and innovative film and video, and we intend to make it available to them."

The Possible Films Collection is focused on limited theatrical distribution of films "sufficiently outside the mainstream" followed by DVD home video sales from the Possible Films Collection web site ( and affiliated independent video outlets. Hal Hartley's own company, Possible Films Incorporated, continues to represent the worldwide rights to certain of Hartley's past features, including "Flirt" (1995), "Henry Fool" (1997), and the short films "Ambition" (1991) and "Theory of Achievement" (1991).