December 15, 2004


CLEVELAND - Post Blur has purchased an eQ editing/effects/grading/mastering system from Quantel to lead its charge into all-HD post production for its commercials clients.

Post Blur was set up in 1997 by Dave McLean to bring full-on high-end post production to Cleveland. Ninety-five percent of Post Blur's work is commercials, with its agency client base stretching across Ohio from Cleveland to Akron to Pittsburgh, with some clients from as far afield as Las Vegas and Miami. There are currently three edit rooms, and the equipment roster includes a "vintage" Quantel Editbox which is still making money, McLean reports.

"The reason we went for the eQ is its full-on HD capabilities," says McLean. "There is not yet a great market demand here for HD, but the eQ has the power to enable us to complete every project at HD resolution as a matter of course." McLean continues, "As a result the clients don't really know they're working at HD - and they're not paying a premium either in cost or time for it. They just notice that they get a better looking job at the end even when it's down-converted to SD. This way we'll drive the market's expectations." The eQ also appeals to McLean as an editor. "We're an intentionally small facility at Post Blur, which gives us and the clients much greater flexibility. We can all drive all the systems we have here," he reports, "and all of our systems need to be very flexible too. The eQ is much more intuitive to learn and use than any other system I've come across. It just feels naturally familiar to me as an editor."