May 25, 2004


SEATTLE, WA - Screenlife LLC, creators of Scene It? The DVD Game, have acquired the full-service digital media design studio Digital Farm ( The two had previously worked together on the DVD enhancement technology called Optreve, which allows DVD players to randomly access hundreds of video clips and puzzles, and keep track of what has already been played.

"Screenlife is taking aggressive steps to solidify our leadership position as the premiere developer of DVD home entertainment; and with the unique talents within Digital Farm, we're able to harness the previously untapped power of the DVD to unleash an entirely new genre of digital entertainment," says Dave Long, co-founder and CEO of Screenlife LLC.

"Digital Farm brings a unique approach to DVD enhancement technology to the table," adds Bill Kuper, president of Digital Farm. "Now, as one company acting as a singular team, we have exponentially accelerated the development process. With content teams fused with DVD technology teams, we are already rolling out newer, broader titles and genres with a powerful technology edge that, we feel, will cement Scene It? in the top spot in this exciting new market."