December 6, 2004


LOS ANGELES - Motion capture studio House of Moves (, a division of VICON Motion Systems, announced the hiring of Scott Gagain as executive producer. He was previously VP of sales and marketing at motion capture vendor Motion Analysis Studios in Los Angeles.

"Given the acquisition by VICON and the rollout of breakthrough motion capture cameras and technology like VICON MX, joining House of Moves at this moment was a great opportunity," Gagain said. "Not only are House of Moves and VICON market leaders, but there's also a sense of growth and forward direction about the company that's very tangible and exciting. As I step into this role, I'm looking forward to applying the broad general knowledge I have in the motion capture business, as well as tapping into House of Moves' vast resources to help clients push new boundaries for things that can be accomplished."

In his former capacity as VP of sales and marketing at Motion Analysis, Gagain worked with major studios on motion capture for countless music videos, television series and computer games. His credits in film and television most recently include such motion pictures as "Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow" and "I Robot" and the Discovery Channel show "Extreme Martial Arts." Gagain joined Motion Analysis as a tracker, building a hands-on knowledge of the entire motion capture pipeline. He attended East Carolina University and entered the motion capture field with an arts and graphics background at Netter Digital Entertainment, Inc., a North Hollywood, Calif.-based entertainment production company specialized in computer graphics production and digital post.