December 7, 2004


NEW YORK - Editor Jane Keller has joined creative and design studio Sideshow Creative (

With a background in fine arts and sculpting, Keller fell into the editing world as an office manager at Lost Planet in 1995. She began her career as an assistant editor at Mackenzie Cutler working first with Eric Johnson and then Ian Mackenzie on such projects as Snickers, E*Trade and Sprite. Keller left Mackenzie Cutler and held various freelance positions at several New York companies including Ohio Edit where she assisted Frank Snyder on commercials for Calvin Klein, Dell and Lowe's, and Mad River Post where she worked closely with Michael Elliott on several large campaigns such as Minolta and Kodak.

Keller also executed freelance editorial work at Click 3X, Berwyn, Cosmo Street, Mojo and Merkley Newman Harty. In 2002, Keller joined The Now Corporation where she contributed her talent to projects such as Nextel Nascar, L'Oreal, Pilsner Urquell and MasterCard. In addition, Keller has added her creative touch to music videos for artists such as Joseph Arthur, Soulounge and Dookie. She is currently editing an effects-driven video for singer songwriter Gabriel Gordon, which she produced and co-directed with commercial director Adam Jones.