August 10, 2004


MONTREAL - Softimage is at this year's SIGGRAPH show under heavy Avid branding. The company is part of the Avid Computer Graphics umbrella, which represents a pipeline integration solution that also includes Alienbrain and Avid products.

Most notable for Softimage is the introduction of XSI V.4.0 Foundation, a $495 3D animation application aimed at individual users. Version 4.0 Foundation was introduced at NAB back in April and had a suggested retail price of $1,995. The tool is a node-locked release and users will have to buy new versions in order to receive updates.

Support is limited as well. Softimage reps feel that the low price not only allows pros entry to the tool, but also allows for the creation of the highest quality animations without feature and performance restrictions.

Softimage is offering two additional XSI V.4.0 releases: Essentials is priced at $1,995 and can be customized for an integrated pipeline environment. Advanced is priced at $6,995 and features deep customization features as well as compositing and resolution-independnent paint, hair and fur. Syflex cloth and advanced rendering power are further attributes.

For a limited time, all new users of XSI V.4.0 will be receive the Softimage Production Series, a set of professional training DVDs containing nearly 50 hours of material.