November 11, 2004


ST. GEORGE, UT - Strata ( is now shipping RenderPro, a rendering application that allows users to utilize an unlimited number of computers to render.

RenderPro comes free with an open source network connection application to assist in distributing rendering files to computers on the local network. This free application uses file sharing to create a series of 'drop boxes' on the host computer that allows users to select computers to put to work on renderring. Because the 'drop box' application is free and open source, users can customize the code to match their needs.

The license that comes with RenderPro allows for an unlimited number of seats on the local area network as long as they have an existing Strata 3D CX license.

For a limited time, current owners of Strata 3D CX can buy RenderPro online for $59. New users who purchase Strata 3D CX receive a free copy of RenderPro.