October 15, 2004


October 15 - HOLLYWOOD - A number of studios and vendors recently donated their services to put together the multi-spot Rock The Vote campaign. Spearheaded by producer Francie Moore and directed by Leslie Libman, the campaign features heavy weight stars Leonardo DiCaprio, Justin Timberlake, Samuel L. Jackson, Benecio Del Toro, Peter Gallagher and Ricky Martin.

Media Distributors in Hollywood donated film for the "If You Care?" project, which is designed to promote awareness and empower young people to exercise their right to vote. The campaign consists of 12 spots for network and cable, and two spots for theatrical release in 6,000 cinemas throughout 39 states.

Producer Moore approached Bonnie Goldfarb, executive producer/owner of commercial production company Harvest Films, who embraced and supported the project. Cinematographer Paul Laufer shot the spots in graphic black and white. Alan Wain of Graying and Balding edited the campaign. Online editing took place at Riot. Telecine was handled at Company 3.

In addition to Media Distributors, Kodak also donated film stock to the cause. Panavision provided the camera package.