May 7, 2004


HOLLYWOOD - Technicolor ( is expanding its integrated HD digital dailies service for filmmakers. The company's HD digital dailies service promises a flexible method for viewing dailies while providing "near realtime feedback" on a day's film shoot in a high definition digital format.

High definition playback capabilities will be available first at Technicolor film labs in Hollywood and Rome and Technicolor has already provided the service on such recent releases as Quentin Tarantino's "Kill Bill," DreamWorks' "Win a Date With Tad Hamilton," Martin Scorsese's "The Aviator" and Warner Bros.' first release from in-house WB Indy Productions called "Around the Bend."

"Technicolor is responding to strong industry demand for a robust HD pipeline," says Technicolor Entertainment Services president Walter Schonfeld, adding that "digital dailies on demand" will be a reality for filmmakers on location or in Technicolor's facilities and film labs, worldwide.

Technicolor is a part of Thomson's Digital Content Solutions division. According to the company, studios are increasingly turning to Thomson for emerging digital capabilities in film post production via its Technicolor Digital Intermediates (TDI) activity.

TDI is a pioneer in the new film finishing technique whereby a film is first digitized within high-end film scanners, including the Thomson Grass Valley Spirit and Spirit 4K, then color-corrected digitally before being re-recorded to film for release to theaters. The process is meeting growing acceptance among Hollywood filmmakers, DPs and content owners. In the last year, Technicolor says it has more than doubled its digital intermediate output -serving major titles such as "Pirates of the Caribbean," "Seabiscuit," and the Academy Award-winner for Best Foreign Film, "The Barbarian Invasions." In 2004, Technicolor expects to again double its digital intermediate output.