November 10, 2004


WALNUT CREEK, CA - This month (November), Zootech ( is releasing Version 1.5 of its DVD-Extra Studio software, a DVD production application designed to aid authors creating interactive DVDs.

According to Zootech president Gordon Doran, DVD-Extra Studio spans the production process. In addition to the authoring features found in most DVD applications, the tool also provides asset creating tools. Users who are working on a game with question and answer screens, for example, need not create the thousands of individual title assets that make up the game. Instead they can set up templates in Photoshop, After Effects, Flash, Director or Maya and have DVD-Extra Studio automate the process from spreadsheet information.

The same goes for studios that are creating Hollywood DVD titles containing multiple languages. The creation of different subtitle tracks can also be automated.

DVD-Extra Studio is designed for authoring of DVD-Video discs only. In addition to asset generation features, the tool also offers navigation, encoding and multiplexing features.

DVD-Extra Studio runs on a PC and is available from Zootech for $6,995. A year of updates and support costs $1,395. Doran notes that Zootech also offers several business models for those interested in acquiring the tool based on their role as developers or publishers.