November 14, 2005


Monitor Watch can be applied to a broad range of commercial, feature film and television applications where post pros and their clients in different cities need to be sure they are seeing the same image on their respective monitors. "Monitor Watch allows an engineer to remotely evaluate and, if required, align a Sony BVM-series monitor," explains developer Rick Girardi, chief engineer for Ascent Media's Company 3 facility in New York. "Basically, the system consist of proprietary software created at Company 3, a highly accurate color probe which is attached to the front of the monitor's CRT and feeds data back to the software, a communications link to the monitor's control port and a network and video connection between the remote facility and both our NY and LA facilities." Ascent Media has begun to implement Monitor Watch in its UP Satellite service, which allows clients to oversee commercial telecine work ongoing at the company's facilities in New York and Southern California from host sites located in cities across the United States. The company also projects its use in digital intermediate work for feature films, in visual effects production, and in screening digital dailies for film and television.