March 24, 2005


MIAMI, FL - Assimilate (, the maker of integrated, realtime, data-centric software and solutions for film production, is teaming with JLCooper Electronics to support the JLCooper MCS-Spectrum Colorist Command Station with its Scratch data-centric workflow solution. The MCS-Spectrum is designed for use with advanced color correction software where multiple trackballs with control rings are beneficial to the colorist who is perfecting the color for long- and short-form film productions.

Running on high-performance commodity workstations, Scratch is a powerful software foundation whose open-architecture, modular feature sets, and image processing tools combine to deliver a streamlined end-to-end DI pipeline solution.

The controls for the JLCooper MCS-Spectrum include three transparent, backlit, trackball mechanisms with purpose-designed, free-spinning control rings; six high-resolution rotary encoders; dual VF displays and 14 function keys. MCS-Spectrum interfaces with Scratch using an optional USB or 10/100 Ethernet Interface.

Priced at $2,999, MCS Spectrum is now available from JLCooper Electronics and through the Assimilate sales channel.

In related news, Assimilate has entered into a distribution partnership with Kodak to support its Display Manager System with its Scratch solution. The Kodak Display Manager System consists of calibration hardware and proprietary software using Kodak Color Science that adjusts electronic display devices to accurately emulate the look of film. The Kodak Display Manager System is comprised of proprietary software using custom 3D look-up tables (LUTs), allowing CRT, standard- and high-definition monitors, and digital projectors to emulate the look of print film.

Assimilate will begin shipping the Display Manager System with Scratch on April 18th.