March 7, 2005


SANTIAGO, CHILE - Chilean audio/visual company Atomica is opening a new $1.5 million post production facility this month, designed to provide sound and picture services to commercial, film and television clients. The center, designed by the Walters-Storyk Design Group, is one of the first in Chile to offer high definition post production services.

The facility has three sound studios equipped with Digidesign Pro Tools|HD systems, as well as two online rooms built around Discreet Smoke systems for editing and compositing. In addition, a Discreet Flint system is available for visual effects work. Services, such as graphic design, DVD authoring and format conversion is also possible.

"The idea was to create a center where the design, image post production and sound studios would measure up to the most demanding international standards of both technology and customer service," explains Atómica partners, Gonzalo Carracedo, Ivan Violic and Rodrigo Sáez.

Atómica also has plans to acquire Chile's first Quantel eQ system, for realtime editing and compositing. The studio has been providing post services to Chile's advertising community since 1998 and has worked with audio/visual production companies in producing television programs and musical videos, too.

This major investment in sound and image technology is part of Atómica's bid to increase its share in Chile's A/V market - which it estimates at around 40 percent today - as well as increase its reach internationally.

Atómica's latest work includes the musical post of "La Misión," a program hosted by Angélica Castro and billed for March on the national television channel (TVN); the promotion of the forthcoming soap opera "Los Capo," also on TVN; the image post production of the new musical video by Moyenei Valdés (formerly Mamma Soul), and the creation, together with the group T-Funk, of music for the sound track of a foreign film starring actor John Leguizamo.