April 5, 2005


TEWKSBURY, MA - Avid Technology president/CEO David Krall and VP/CTO Mike Rockwell will deliver keynote presentations to attendees of the MultiMedia World Conference at the 2005 NAB convention in Las Vegas, April 18 - 21.

Krall was selected to deliver one of six Super Session keynotes at this year's conference, and will follow the theme "Look Before You Leap: The Dollars and Sense of Transitioning to HD." In his presentation, Krall will help content creators navigate the HD production landscape by exploring the evolution and continued proliferation of HD content in the film, television, and broadcast industries.

Rockwell will present "The Download on Digital Rights Management" to industry pros, focusing on copy protection and security issues associated with file-based media production and distribution. Both keynote presentations will be followed by panel discussions, with questions and commentary.,p> The panel discussion to follow Krall's keynote will dissect the "before and after" of incorporating HD into the content-creation process, examine the value chain of HD production, reveal where bottlenecks and inefficiencies lie, and discuss new technologies that are leading to cost-effective HD production that delivers the highest quality results. Adi Kishore, senior analyst, Media & Entertainment Strategies at the Yankee Group, will moderate the session, and the panelists will include: Billy Baldwin, president of PostWorks New York; Andy King, head of Capital Development, BBC Resources; Roger Ogden, senior VP, Gannett Television, and president/GM of KUSA-TV, Denver; and Gavin Schutz, executive VP and CTO of Ascent Media Group.

Following Rockwell's presentation, a panel of representatives will address the progress the industry has made toward the secure creation, management, distribution, and tracking of digital content, as well as the technological and cost barriers to identifying and implementing solutions.

Bill Rosenblatt, president, GiantSteps Media Technology Strategies, will moderate the session, and the panelists will include: Christopher Cookson, president of Warner Bros. Technical Operations Inc. and CTO of Warner Bros.; Brad Hunt, senior VP and CTO of the Motion Picture Association of America; and Martha Nalebuff, director of policy and strategy, Microsoft Media/Entertainment Technology & Convergence Group.

"The Download on Digital Rights Management" will take place Monday, April 18, 2005, from 3:45pm-5:00pm in the Las Vegas Convention Center, Room S221. "Look Before You Leap: The Dollars and Sense of Transitioning to HD" will take place Tuesday, April 19, 2005, from 3:45pm-5:30pm at the Las Vegas Convention Center, Room S222. For more information about registering to attend either keynote event, visit: www.nabshow.com.