November 29, 2005


Ringside Creative ( will operate out of the studios located in Oak Park, just outside Detroit. In addition to Hafner, the Ringside Creative staff includes creative editors Chris Chynoweth, Charlene Dwyer and Sarah Fisher. Creative director Jeff Dobrow will lead the design group.

Following his recent departure from Brass Knuckles, Hafner evaluated a number of options for launching a new venture and concluded that Detroit held the greatest potential. “I have many relationships with advertising agencies and others in this community,” he explains. “Moving to Detroit gives me the opportunity to strengthen them and develop new ones.”

Ringside Creative’s proximity to GTN gives it a competitive advantage, according to Hafner, noting that the company will have direct access to GTN’s extensive network and creative resources, which include telecine, visual effects, audio and finishing. This allows Ringside Creative to package post services and deliver cost and time savings to its clients.

GTN sees benefits in providing a creative services provider headed by someone of Hafner’s talent and experience. “Chris is a fantastic editor and director, with a great reputation in our market,” says GTN owner/CEO Doug Cheek. “I am very impressed with his energy, enthusiasm, and commitment to the Ringside Creative approach.”

Hafner has won numerous awards for his work as a commercial editor in a career that dates back to 1986 when he founded Brass Knuckles. His recent credits include campaigns for Mazda (Doner), Circuit City (Doner), Best Buy (in-house), Pontiac (Vigilante), Lincoln (Young & Rubicam) and Lexus (Team One).

Additionally, Hafner has numerous credits in music videos as both an editor and director. His editorial credits include such artists as the Rolling Stones, Jay-Z, Jennifer Lopez, Will Smith, Sheryl Crow and the Red Hot Chili Peppers.