April 17, 2005


LAS VEGAS - Austin, TX-based workstation manufacturer Boxx Technologies is now offering Tarari's Encoder Accelerator for Windows Media in its releases. The Tarari Encoder Accelerator for Windows Media is a PCI-bus card that installs in any Microsoft Windows XP-based workstation, and offloads and accelerates processor-intensive algorithms in the Windows Media encoding application.

"Our partnership with Boxx Technologies creates an excellent opportunity for customers to dramatically reduce processing times and costs with the combined power of best-of-breed products," says Randy Smerik, CEO of Tarari, Inc. "The Boxx solutions, powered by Tarari, will meet the most extreme demands of the expanding digital media industry."

Boxx has its workstations at multiple exhibitor booths throughout the NAB show floor, including Adobe, AMD, Avid and Microsoft.

Tarari (www.tarari.com) is also participating in the Boxx Ultimate NAB Swag Bag promotion (www.boxxtech.com/promotions/NAB.asp) where customers who order a Boxx workstation online between April 12th - April 22nd receive an individualized Ultimate Swag Bag filled with technology tools and collectibles. Each bag is unique and custom built for each customer - just like Boxx's workstations.