May 12, 2005


AUSTIN, TX - Workstation manufacturer Boxx Technologies ( has introduced HDVPAK, a professional HDV application kit designed for post pros handling HDV editing and finishing.

Customers can now easily identify and select pre-tuned, optimized workstation configurations for HDV. Boxx offers HDVPAK workstation configurations for all leading video applications. The HDVPAK validation program is supported across a wide range of Boxx workstations - from single processor systems to dual-core, dual processor - for AMD and Intel. HDVPAK optimized workstations can be found on the Boxx Web site, where customers can click on the HDVPAK logo to be directed to a pre-configured hardware kit for their preferred workstation.

For optimized HDV, Boxx offers the Nvidia Quadro FX540 by PNY Technologies, which is designed specifically for HDV, by offering outstanding bandwidth, OpenGL graphics acceleration and simultaneous realtime HD component, S-Video and composite video connections through an external breakout box. The Nvidia FX540 PCIe graphics board provides independent, full-screen video overlay output for high-definition preview of realtime effects, video editing timelines and source clips on video monitors.

HDV requires more power because the video resolution is higher at the 1280 x 720 and 29.97 frame rate (HDV 30p), pushing 19.2 Mbps and consuming 8GB of storage per hour of footage. Boxx's HDVPAK specification requires that a HDVPAK-qualified workstation have at least an AMD Athlon 64 3200+ processor or Intel 2.8GHz Pentium 4 processor with a minimum of 1GB of RAM and two disk drives - an 80GB SATA system drive for the OS and application software, and a second 250GB SATA data drive for HDV footage.

The systems support Adobe, Avid, Pinnacle, Canopus, Discreet, Leitch, Matrox and Sony software and come with a three-year limited warranty.