January 17, 2005


MINNEAPOLIS - BWN composed original music and sound design for a mock-movie trailer playing in AMC theater via Best Buy Advertising. "Silence is Golden" appears to be a legitimate trailer until a mobile phone rings and a member of the movie cast turns around and addresses the movie audience.

The trailer centers on a Sam Owens, who believes that cheerleading is his destiny and has to win it all to prove his worth to his father and other disbelievers. When the movie-goer's phone rings, Sam's concentration is broken at a crucial moment, proving that one phone ring can ruin a movie.

For the piece, Best Buy asked BWN to create a soundtrack full of pop hits so that the trailer had an authentic teen film sound. The mix was done at Martell Sound in LA in both Dolby and DTS surround. After having completed a polished mix in the BWN suites in Minneapolis, the Protools session was prepped for the dubbing stage and sent via ftp/internet to Martell. The creative team regrouped in Martel's theatrical mix environment where the final mix was conducted.

The spot was cut by Randy Kramer Of Fischer Edit.