May 24, 2005


MUNICH, GERMANY - Framepool (, an online provider of stock footage, contracted commercial/documentary filmmaker Frank Mueller to shoot cities that include New York, Lisbon, Dresden, Prague, Teheran and Budapest for use in its collection.

"We have many inquiries from clients from the USA and the Far East for establishing shots of metropolises all over the world," explains Stephan Bleek, also a documentary filmmaker and CEO of Framepool.

Mueller carried out the shoots using his Super 35mm camera, along with a Sony HDW 900 and a Sony HDV camera.

"Productions, which I accomplish exclusively for Framepool's film archive are a chance for me to receive a regular income time and again on a long term basis, particularly, since the HDTV market is still developing and so accordingly this footage will be demanded over several years," says Mueller.

"We have producers under contract who receive quarterly thousands of Euros if their material meets the requirements of the market for high-quality pack shots and establishing shots," adds Bleek. "And we know which motives are demanded by the amazing amount of inquiries we have in our Web shop."