May 5, 2005


BIRMINGHAM, MI - Custom music and sound design house Coda, a Ron Rose Productions company, recently completed work on an original tribute song to the city of Detroit. The "What it's Like in the 'D'" project was conceived by advertising agency Berline for its client the Detroit Metro Convention & Visitors Bureau, and is aimed at highlighting the many new and exciting events scheduled to take place in and around metro Detroit.

The two-and-a-half-minute music track was written, arranged, produced and mastered by Coda's executive producer John Nixon, and is sung by Greg C. Brown.

"The biggest challenge was coming up with something that sounded positive without trying to be all things to all people," explains Nixon. "I didn't originally write the song to be a radio hit but rather more as a jingle or promotional song to be left behind at meetings." Today the song is being made into a music video. The Convention & Visitors Bureau also hopes to use the uplifting tune to boost enthusiasm for several big events coming to town, namely the Major League Baseball All-Star Game this summer and next February's Super Bowl.