March 18, 2005


NEW YORK - Convergence ( editor Chip Smith recently cut "You're Right," a :30 spot for Hershey's Ice Breakers via North Castle Parnters. It was directed by David Kellogg.

The spot features Hillary Duff and her sister Haylie. "You're Right" is the second installment of comedy-driven spots Smith cut for Hershey's. The first, "Spa Day," starred Jessica Simpson and her sister Ashlee. He cut both spots on an Avid Media Composer.

"As with the last Ice Breakers job we were on a really tight deadline," says Convergence executive producer Kristen McQuillan. "We received the dailies on Thursday and had a finished cut by Sunday. Though the spot is currently slated to air in standard def, we finished the spot in HD [D-5] and downconverted so the client would have the option of doing a cinema release without needing to go back and re-finish."

"You're Right," which features Inferno work by Alex Catchpoole of NYC's Guava, opens with Hillary offering her sister Haylie an Ice Breakers Liquid Ice as they stroll into a hotel to check in. The sisters simultaneously pop the Liquid Ice drops in their mouths and Hillary exclaims, "It's ice!" Haylie exclaims, "It's liquid!" Hillary tells her sister she must be right and "it's a tiny liquid mint" while Haylie disagrees and tells her sister she's always right and "it's cool and refreshing as ice." With the help of their bell boy, they finally agree that they are both right.

Visual effects and online services were provided by Guava. NYC's Nice Shoes colorist Lez Rudge transferred the footage. Russo Grantham, also in NYC, provided the audio mix.