January 18, 2005


SOUTHFIELD, MI - In an effort to boost the company's marketability in the Detroit-area, Milagro Post (www.milagropost.com) has hired Jon Merrifield as the facility's new lead designer and eQ artist. An industry veteran with more than 20 years of creative design and editing experience, Merrifield will oversee the expansion of Milagro's graphics and design division.

Prior to joining Milagro Post, Merrifield owned and operated a boutique-style editorial facility in Santa Monica, CA, called Fence Post. Built around two Quantel Henrys, Fence Post serviced Santa Monica's busy commercial market. Looking to reconnect with his Mid-western roots, Merrifield closed Fence Post and moved to the Detroit area.

"I'm at a point in my career where another Super Bowl spot isn't going to make me feel better about myself," says Merrifield. "I was searching for ways to come back to the Midwest, where I can raise my kids and do good work."

Milagro Post was founded in 2003, in partnership with Ron Rose Productions, by eQ artist Michael Suggs and Chad Cooper. The pair built their facility around Quantel's generation Q technology, which provided a seamless workflow of multi-resolution editing across SD and HD applications. The studio offers two Quantel eQs for conforming, clean up, effects work and color correction. In addition, they offer two separate edit suites, each of which is made up of two Quantel QEdit Pros and one Quantel Qeffects support system. The facility also houses Avid Adrenaline gear.