April 28, 2005


TORONTO - Deluxe|Efilm|Toronto, a new digital intermediate facility that opened at Deluxe|Sound & Picture in Toronto, has purchased an Imagica Imager XE Advanced digital film scanner. The Imagica (www.imagica-la.com) Imager XE Advanced scans 4096 pixels across a 35mm Academy frame and provides DPX format with full RGB color space. The system scans at two seconds per frame for 2K and four seconds per frame for 4K with a 5K camera system.

"At Deluxe|Efilm|Toronto, it is our intention to provide the best possible 4K/2K images to digital intermediate clients in Canada and the East Coast of United States," says Dan McLellan, EVP/GM of Deluxe|Sound & Picture. "Our Toronto operation capitalizes on the technology and quality leadership of EFilm|Hollywood and as such, will continue the legacy with the selection of Imagica's Imager XE scanner as a foundation of our DI service pipeline."