June 16, 2005


BURBANK - Visual effects house Digital Dimension (www.digitaldimension.com) recently created a series of effects for "Mr. & Mrs. Smith," the New Regency Pictures/Twentieth Century Fox feature starring Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. The studio created 26 shots for the movie, in which a husband and wife simultaneously discover their partner is also an assassin.

The mountain sequence early on, and the film's final suspense sequence were among the shots completed by Digital Dimension. The mountain shot involved a blend of virtual camera techniques, texture mapping and texture displacement to place CG geography into a rock-climbing scenario, lensed via helicopter. The finale heats up with rocket propelled grenade blasts that were created in 3D.

Digital Dimension's artistic team included: VFX supervisor Ben Girard, VFX executive producer Jerome Morin, VFX producer Chris Del Conte, digital compositors Daniel Rubin and Ryan Smolarek, rotoscope/paint supervisor Tammy Sutton, VFX production manager Marion Spates, production coordinator Taryn Kelly, VFX production assistant Anthony Kramer and digital effects artists Christian Zurcher and Mitch Gstes. Two dimensional compositing was completed using Eyeon Digital Fusion. Modeling and animation was handled using Autodesk 3DS Max.