January 7, 2005


OCALA, FL - Digital Juice (www.digitaljuice.com) has added four new volumes to its "Jump Backs" library, a collection of network-quality animated graphic backgrounds. The collection is now represented in 24 DVD volumes with nearly 1,000 animated backgrounds.

Each Jump Backs animation is seamlessly loopable, allowing them to play at user-definable lengths. "Volume 21: High Impact VIII" offers high-energy animations in a variety of styles. "Volume 22: Global Impact" has globes and map themes for international business applications and world news programs. "Volume 23: Clean Streak" features sharp, retro-style animations with cool colors and shapes in motion. And "Volume 24: Tunnel Vision" winds through warp tubes and wormholes, down dimly lit passageways, around hairpin curves, and through tunnels of light.

More than 20 animators have collaborated to create the Jump Backs library. Backgrounds are distributed in the 60p format allow Mac and PC users here and abroad to easily converted them to a format that is compatible with their editing software.

All 24 Jump Backs volumes are available for $99 each, but can be purchased for as low as $49 per volume in bundles of ten. The entire collection can be previewed in Digital Juice's online gallery.