March 10, 2005


"Splinter Cell Chaos Theory" is one game that was created using 3DS Max.

SAN FRANCISCO - At the Game Developer Conference, Discreet announced that its 3DS Max ( software is aligned to support the next generation Xbox platform from Microsoft. The animation software maker has been working closely with Microsoft since the introduction of the first Xbox videogame system and claims that more Xbox games have been created using 3DS Max than any other software tool. The new Xbox platform will feature high-definition graphics. Discreet's 3DS Max software provides an advanced 3D pipeline solution to help developers create new game titles.

"Since Microsoft premiered the Xbox console game platform in 2001, the Discreet division of Autodesk has been an integral game pipeline development partner with Microsoft," says Tracey Frankcom, program manager, Xbox Tools and Middleware. "As we look forward to the next generation Xbox platform, great tools will be what enable the game developer to unleash the full potential of the hardware to deliver the most creative and compelling content. Discreet and Autodesk continue to offer some of the best DCC tools for game developers worldwide - that not only streamline workflow, but ultimately helps them deliver exciting, high-quality Xbox game titles as we move forward into the era of high-definition gaming."

Titles created using 3DS Max include "Halo 2" (Bungie Software), "Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords" (LucasArts), and "Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Chaos Theory" (Ubisoft), among others.

Discreet's 3DS Max software is currently priced at $3,495.