April 19, 2005


LAS VEGAS - Digital Video Systems (DVS), based in Hanover, Germany, has introduced Version 2.0 of its one-stop DI system - Clipster - at the NAB show. With realtime power, 4K format and secondary color correction in one, Clipster is a DI system designed for the highest level of post and digital cinema.

In the new version, Clipster has developed into an all-encompassing film conforming and finishing system, providing high quality uncompressed video in the 4K RGB 12-bit format, combined with 2K RGB 12-bit transitions in realtime, multiple video formats and realtime effects.

Clipster records and plays out data in any format, at any resolution, bit-depth, color space or file type - all in realtime without conversions. Realtime conforming and editing with Clipster helps increase user-productivity and creativity: the editor works with multiple resolutions in realtime and freely mixes clips of various resolutions on a single timeline. In Version 2.0, Clipster's visual effects functionality has also grown. The system now performs primary and secondary color correction, pan-and-scan, rotation, flip/flop, cropping and transitions in realtime. The OpenFX plug-in interface enables users to take advantage of a large range of additional third-party effects available. Advanced functionality makes conforming, finishing and versioning of the completed film, in any desired format, extremely fast. To get the desired film look during grading, Clipster V.2.0 uses a realtime 3D look-up-table. Additionally, Clipster supports color management tools from Kodak and Arri.

Clipster can be teamed with DVS-SAN, DVS's realtime central DI storage solution, to offer enough intrinsic bandwidth, flexibility and file-sharing capabilities to enhance any DI and HD workflow. The DVS product line-up of Clipster, DVS-SAN and the digital disk recorder Pronto2K forms a DI team.

DVS products are represented by its subsidiary in the US, DVS Digital Video, Inc. (www.dvsus.com) in Burbank.