March 1, 2005


VINA, CA - Edifis (, which has achieved success in the London post market, is bringing its product range to the United States.

Edifis was formed eight years ago in the UK with the goal of creating tools for the post and broadcast industries using uncompressed disk storage and firmware-based realtime video and audio processing. Sting, the company's dual-channel DDR, is widely used in London telecine applications and by the BBC and other broadcasters for clip playout and long duration program delay.

The Finaliser is a new product from the company, offering improvements in color correction and output formatting of SD and HD television programming. Launched at IBC last year, Finaliser is designed to take over the post process after the edit is finished, providing all the tools needed for high-end, in-context color correction and production of multiple deliverables from a universal master. Interest from the post industry has been strong, with six systems sold so far in London.

Finaliser speeds up many facets of the color correction process. These improvements come from the combination of realtime firmware-based processing, random access uncompressed storage, and a user interface combining traditional large-panel interfaces with an intuitive Linux-based GUI.

To market and support their products in North America, Edifis has incorporated a joint venture, Edifis Media Technologies Inc., together with Pete Challinger. Familiar with both traditional and workstation-based post tools, Challinger brings a background at GVG, Abekas and ImMix to the venture. In addition, his experience as a founder of Spruce Technologies and Quartz Electronics means he is familiar with the challenges of building a new business in a competitive marketplace.

The new venture is based in Northern California and will handle all aspects of marketing, sales and support of Edifis products in North America, as well as consulting closely with the UK office on the feature set of future products and enhancements.