February 23, 2005


NEW YORK - Steven Meyer has joined The Napoleon Group (www.thenapoleongroup.com) in New York City, bringing with him extensive experience as an executive producer, production executive and visual effects/animation/post production supervisor.

Meyer began his professional career in theater and has worked in almost every aspect of the media and entertainment business, from producing video art pieces seen at both the Whitney and MOMA, to working as a producer, director, designer and technical director on projects for Nike, Benetton, The Biosphere in Arizona, Edwin Schlossberg, Val Kilmer and Laurie Anderson.

As the visual effects supervisor/producer for Image Design/Blink.fx, Meyer worked on commercials for Endust, Aquafresh, Ford Escort, Quaker Oats, Jif Peanut Butter, U2, Kook-Aid and Prestone, among others. He has worked on an extensive list of broadcast and longform projects for CBS Sports/US Open, WPIX, Nickelodeon, Comedy Central, A&E's "Biography," "Judge Dredd" and Stephen King miniseries.

Most recently, Meyer served as VFX supervisor on "Game 6," a feature that was presented at Sundance, and on "Troy" for The History Channel. His key contributions include developing time- and cost-efficient pipelines for HD and Digital Intermediate productions.