October 17, 2005


Exopolis captured the attitude and energy of the animation network with a comprehensive redesign that includes five promo packages, six :30 network IDs, 20 navigational elements, multiple stand-alone animations, four logo animations, and a :30 animated cross-channel spot called "Three Headed Monster."

Exopolis creative director Darwin Tomlinson says the studio was contracted to create somewhat of an "anti-network package" that would reflect the network's attitude rather than just display its programming information. Nicktoons also requested to have its Burbank headquarters serve as one of the lead characters in the package.

The network package features a blend of collaged imagery. Multiple images were cut and pasted to create environments and elements that would possess frenetic energy.

Exopolis co-wrote, designed, and animated the cross-channel spot, which features a three-headed monster created in the mold of early Godzilla films. Simultaneously with the on-air change-over, a montage of Exopolis' Nicktoons package began playing every 15 minutes on the JumboTron screen above MTV in Times Square, New York.

Exopolis's Jayson Whitmore cut the cross-channel spot. The network IDs were edited by Whitmore, Bill Sneed and Greg Reynard. The studio used Apple Macintosh G5s and Final Cut Pro for editing along with Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and After Effects, Maxon Cinema 4D and Quicktime Pro. Yuri Lane at Nicktoons Network created sound design for the package.

Both the montage and the "Three-Headed Monster" cross-channel spot can be seen on the Nicktoons Network Web site at www.nicktoonsnetwork.com.