December 21, 2005


Sound Studio N opened in 1970, and in 2001 moved to its current location in the center of Cologne near the Rhein River. The studio features three large control rooms. Its most recent cinema work includes Little Polar Bar II and Der Wixxer, as well as numerous 5.1 and radio surround projects.

Fairlight’s DREAM series is powered by QDC technology, delivering top-tier speed, flexibility and sonic performance. The platform also supports a complete suite of low latency DSP-based third-party plug-ins, including VSTs. The new Anthem will reside in Control Room 1 and will be seamlessly networked via Fairlight MediaLink with Fairlight QDC engines in Control Rooms 2 and 3. Fairlight’s SX48 signal exchange I/O solution will be used to deliver high-quality audio between the live area and control room.

The installation, set to take place in February, is being overseen by Fairlight’s business partner in Germany, Ton und Studiotechnik GmbH, based near Dusseldorf.

“The Fairlight Anthem is an innovative console which offers everything,” says chief engineer Dipl.-Ing. Günther Kasper. “With 96-channel hard-disk recording, powerful eight QDC audio engine and full networkability, the Anthem is the complete solution for recording, mixing and post production. In addition, the sleek and slim design fits perfectly into our studio acoustic design. We are proud to be the first Fairlight Anthem owner and look forward to a long and successful future with the console.”