December 16, 2005


Sohonet maintains a high bandwidth transoceanic connection between the London Metropolitan Area Network (MAN) and points in Rome, New York, Los Angeles, Sydney and Wellington. The network provides scaleable bandwidth, currently up to one Gigabit/sec, for the transfer of digital media of all types such as film dailies, visual effects files, audio, uncompressed 2K or 4K files or any other digital media. Sohonet currently provides point-to-point connections to more than 150 clients worldwide. It was recently tapped by HBO for its series Rome.

“This is the first and, at present, only independent secure gateway in Los Angeles to the Sohonet global community,” says Rand Gladden, senior VP of FotoKem. “Our connection with Sohonet makes FotoKem a virtual facility with a presence worldwide. Combined with our proprietary software packages, FotoKem is actively establishing service bureau sites in countries around the world that will provide a cost-effective and secure media services and distribution solution for all forms of entertainment data.”

While Sohonet has previously established connections in Los Angeles to Warner Bros. and HBO Studios, those connections were restricted to in-house projects. FotoKem’s “always on” gateway gives Los Angeles area clients a local bureau with immediate access to the network at any time.