April 18, 2005


LAS VEGAS - Valhalla, NY's Fuji Photo Film USA, is showing its next generation information storage disc technology that promises over 200 times greater capacity (or up to 3.9 TB) and 40 times the transfer speed of today's DVD media. Called Holographic Versatile Disc (HVD), the technology uses existing manufacturing processes and a unique application of servo information to markedly increase the storage capacity beyond that of today's optical discs.

This technology is the result of innovation from Optware Corporation, now supported by the recently formed Holographic Versatile Disc (HVD) Alliance, an industry consortium of global technology companies announced in January.

Fujifilm is providing significant contributions to HVD media, including optical disc manufacturing experience and advanced material technology such as photo polymers and the dichroic mirror layer, which provides precise control of the light beam. Through the Alliance, Fujifilm is helping to develop this future optical media that takes advantage of an innovative method called Collinear Holography. By managing a double beam along a single path to imprint a disc, this technology provides critical advantages for storing large amounts of data, including: smaller system design that is compatible with today's DVD media; systems that record and read data while disc is in motion; and a system based on open standards that ensures future enhancements and product longevity.

The HVD Alliance provides a venue for technical discussions and the exchange of information among disc, material, device and tester manufacturers in order to accelerate the development of HVD and develop the commercial and consumer marketplace for this next generation storage technology. The HVD Alliance currently includes: CMC Magnetics Corporation, Fuji Photo Film, Konica Minolta Optical, Mitsubishi Kagaku Media, EMTEC (MPO International), Nippon Paint, Optware Corporation, Pulstec Industrial, Ovalrock, Software Architects and Toagosei.

For more on Collinear Holographic Technology, check out: www.optware.co.jp/english/index_tech.htm.