May 11, 2005


SEATTLE, WA - Getty Images ( has launched Getty Images Media Manager, a digital asset management service for marketing professionals that improves brand consistency and produces dramatic savings over the course of an entire marketing lifecycle.

This is the next generation of the footage provider's on-demand Web-based service, which provides users with a centralized library of their digital media files in a secure, searchable, password-protected environment. Media Manager leverages the same technology that powers, the imagery source that supports over eight million visits and nearly two-and-a-half-billion thumbnails each month.

Media Manager is cost-efficient, rapid to deploy, easy to manage, and available 24/7. There is no software or hardware to install, allowing the service to be implemented in a matter of days, and customers pay only for the capacity they require. The service addresses the complex international marketing needs by offering access to materials from the Web at any time, from anywhere in the world, supporting 17 languages. In addition, customer support is provided on three continents.

Getty Images Media Manager is available in two editions: the WorkGroup Edition, for small groups or companies that want to rapidly implement a digital asset management solution with a limited set of assets, and the Enterprise Edition for companies with large user populations and vast asset collections.