April 11, 2005


TORONTO - Head Gear Animation (www.headgearanimation.com) recently wrapped up work on the third cel animated spot in a four-spot campaign for Kellogg's Pop-Tarts Toaster Pastries through Leo Burnett/Chicago. The :30 ads are part of the "Crazy Good" campaign which introduces the flavors French Toast and Cinnamon Roll, and also features the classic Blueberry and Wildberry.

The first spot shows French Toast Pop-Tart as a stereotypical Parisian, replete with beret, skinny mustache and a snooty poodle. In the second spot, the indignant Cinnamon Roll is berated by a couple of kids for having "sticky buns." A goat is stuck to his bottom. The third spot casts Wildberry Pop-Tart as a thrill-seeker who loves an adrenaline rush, while the final spot features Blueberry as a bluesman with a guitar lamenting the loss of his love, Cherry. In each of the spots the predatory kids manage to outfox their delectable prey and savor their victory at the breakfast table.

The campaign is being directed by Head Gear co-founder/Pop-Tarts enthusiast Steve Angel, and produced by Ruby Zagorskis. Angel and Jacob Bauming animated the spots with help from Isaac King and Nick Fairhead, who lead a team of Adobe After Effects artists responsible for putting the whole thing together. The humorous campaign takes a minimalist design approach using black & white line animation with a limited use of color. The simple style heightens the absurdist humor of the commercials.