September 8, 2005


The new version incorporates key aspects of Digital Vision technology in Nucoda products, such as support for DVO, the new software-based algorithms for grain and noise reducing, and Valhall, the control surface designed specifically for colorists. It also offers comprehensive video IO tools for video ingest and playback.

As studios look to gear up for the data centric workflows of DI and HD, Nucoda Version 3.0 offers a comprehensive color and editing package. The new version brings dramatic improvements to the user interface and also enhances editorial capabilities beyond what is usually found in data and DI environments.

Digital Vision will also be partnering with Cintel on a technology demonstration at the show. At the Cintel booth, their DataMill 2K and 4K data transfer engine will be shown working with the Nucoda Film Master from Digital Vision, offering high-speed data scanning at the touch of a button.

Simon, Cuff, VP of Nucoda's business unit at Digital Vision says, "The Nucoda Film Master and DataMill combination is the modern replacement for the traditional telecine suite. It is cost effective and supports video and data workflow without compromising quality."