September 8, 2005


Alacrity MR allows editors to online or offline HD or SD in 1080i/p or 720i/p transparently. Any frame rate (24, 25 or 30) and TV standard (PAL, NTSC) or any telecine mode (pull-down or telecined fast) is handled efficiently within the system - even when mixing modes or resolutions within the same project.

The Alacrity MR+ adds MPEG2 codec support for HD, including HDV. Alacrity's initial product release is targeted at the long-form television and commercial production markets. The system launches with a with a number of realtime effects, including color correction, 2D and 3D DVEs, wipes, dissolves and keying for both SD and HD with multiple realtime streams.

Adobe and After Effects plug-ins such as Inscriber Title Motion and Boris FX can be pulled straight from the system's timeline. Any application that exchanges AVI files, including Digital Fusion and Combustion, is supported. Alacrity MR can import media from the existing Lightworks Touch and enters the market with readily available system enhancements: the Alacrity MR Film Option with all the Lightworks tools for editing feature films and drama, and the Touch ME motorized fader audio console for easy control of up to 16 realtime audio tracks.