April 18, 2005


LAS VEGAS - Eastman Kodak Company (www.kodak.com/go/motion) is showcasing an array of emerging film and post production technologies here in Las Vegas. The company has introduced the Kodak Vision2 HD System, a package of film and hybrid technologies designed to extend creative flexibility and improve efficiency in television production. The Kodak exhibit also features an array images recorded on the new Vision2 color negative films that leverage advances in emulsion technology.

The Vision2 HD system includes a specially designed, scan-only 16mm film that is optimized for use with today's high-end transfer technology. The new stock features an extended dynamic range and latitude, along with grain and sharpness similar to Kodak Vision2 500T 5218/7218 Color Negative Film. The film can be rated for an exposure index (E.I.) either 320 or 500. It is available only in Super 16mm.

The Vision2 HD System also includes the Kodak Vision2 HD digital processor, which post houses use to apply the tones and color characteristics of many current Kodak color negative films designated by the cinematographer. The Vision2 HD digital processor uses proprietary color science technology to adjust the scanned images for the designated film speed and color temperatures, as well as compensating for over- and under-exposure. This flexibility results in time savings during both production and post.

A version of the Kodak Display Manager, optimized for video display, is a component of the Vision2 HD system. The Display Manager is also available as a standalone product that emulates the look of print film. The system consists of calibration hardware and proprietary software using Kodak color science that adjusts electronic display devices to accurately emulate the looks of film.

V.3.0 for the Display Manager is available for Windows, IRIX and Mac OS X platforms. The latest features include a generic interface compatible with a range of monitors from high-end displays to small on-set monitors, automatic characterization of HD/SD displays, flipbook playback in addition to single-frame viewing, and gamut remapping for improved color representation.

Vision2 HD can work hand in hand with a version of the Kodak Look Manager optimized for video display, if a cinematographer chooses that option. Look Manager is designed to allow cinematographers to create, previsualize and manage film looks from preproduction through post. The software-based system locks the picture data into an exportable file that can be accessed by other system users to help ensure accurate communications in a collaborative environment.

Kodak's NAB exhibit includes a range of film footage displayed on HD television monitors. The company?s Telecine Calibration system (TCS) 1002-V is designed to maximize the transferred highlights, shadows, contrast, and colors when the negative is scanned and converted to digital files while maintaining the intentions of the cinematographer.