March 14, 2005


TORONTO - Leitch Technology Corporation ( has announced a software update for its VelocityQ standard definition nonlinear editing system. Version 9.1 features new tools for color correction, collaborative workflows and audio processing, plus broadened media format support and a wide range of user interface enhancements.

VelocityQ V.9.1 features new CPU-based color correction tools, including three-way color wheel control, curves, color matching and automatic white and black re-balance. The new Interactive Editing paradigm enables edits and realtime effects to be applied without stopping full-quality playback.

The new "Detect 'n' Collect" feature makes interchange between networked editors in a collaborative environment easy, with automatic detection and collection of new media files in user-specified directories such as on shared storage.

VelocityQ's format support has been broadened with the ability to use native DV25 media directly in the timeline, in addition to the existing support for uncompressed and compressed formats. Tapeless DV recording devices, such as Focus Enhancements' FireStore series are also supported as is DV25 and DVCPRO content from Panasonic's P2 media-less, memory-based products.

VelocityQ's audio capabilities have also been significantly enhanced with advanced audio node and fade management, including new audio SuperNodes for applying user-defined audio curves and fades non-destructively. In addition to the existing support for clip-based DirectShow filters, realtime .VST audio plug-ins can now be applied to entire tracks with automation.

VelocityQ Version 9.1 is scheduled for release in May. Registered users who purchased VelocityQ 8.2 systems after February 1, 2005, are eligible to receive V.9.1 upgrades at no charge.