October 13, 2005


CINCINNATI, OH - Lightborne (www.light-borne.com), here, recently produced and posted The Greenhornes' first music video, "Pattern Skies." The band, known for its '60s rock vibe, asked Lightborne to create a humorous depiction of them for their current single.

Co-directors Scott Fredette and Dana Hamblen employed their quirky sensibilities to pay tribute to the madcap, tongue-in-cheek band film genre of the 1960s. The video shows band members deployed as soldiers on a mysterious mission decked out in slapstick military d-uniforms designed by Hamblen. The Greenhornes travel through a thick jungle then maneuver through a cityscape, finally ending up at the doorsteps of various distraught girls, depicted with negative thought bubbles. As The Greenhornes hit their targets, the hopes and dreams of the girls are transformed from grim to optimistic with the help of stylized animation.

The team worked with Lightborne designer Tuesday McGowan to create an overall hybrid visual style in homage to '60s psychedelic illustration and '70s TV show grids that conjured up textures from their childhood.

Lightborne editor Jeremiah Shuff used Avid Adrenaline to cut the video, carefully choreographing band performance moments into the retro picture and picture grid while weaving in the storyline throughout.

Gary Bush served as DP on the project. Main elements were shot in HD using a Panasonic Varicam. The grid/mosaic band visuals were shot in HD using the Sony CineAlta camera. Chris Plaskett was the producer. Scott Durban executive produced for Lightborne.

Dave Irion and Kyle Shoup handled compositing