April 18, 2005


LAS VEGAS - The millions of consumers of online Flash animations - and the creators of such entertainment-oriented content - will now have access to "high profile" video clips via Flash, not just cartoons, Macromedia announced today at NAB here.

Macromedia is using newly-developed technology to cast video for clients worldwide, including Fox Broadcasting, Scripps Networks and the new ImaginAsian TV. The point is to leverage Flash's wide acceptance as a purveyor of easy-to-do online animation into the booming video-provision business, a move that pits Macromedia against an already ensconced base of competitors, including Apple's formidable QuickTime.

Anyone among the worldwide group of consumers with a Flash Player will now be able to view video on Web sites such as Fox.com where clips of TV programming are available instantly.

"Gone are the days of playing video clips in boring pop-up windows and hoping the end user is getting our message," says Jack Johnson, director of new media development at Fox. "With Macromedia Flash video, we are now able to present content in just about any way you can imagine and deliver our online video content in far more creative and compelling ways."

The many content developers who have become sold on QuickTime video will need to be won over, but Macromedia has one in Tim O'Hare, the Flash developer for Scripps Networks which includes HGTV. "Macromedia Flash video provides interactive, time-stamped information at runtime, which is next to impossible with other players," he says. "By allowing video interaction and animating the video player to best suit our editorial needs, we can give our users a truly unique and enhanced HGTVPro experince."

The threat of theft and copyright violations is limited by Macromedia's new implementation of the secure Flash video streaming option, called the Flash Video Streaming Service powered by Speedara.

For more on Flash video, visit www.macromedia.com/go/flashvideo.