June 3, 2005


AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND - Massive Software, with offices in Los Angeles, has further developed its 3D animation system for AI-driven characters and digital stunts. Massive 2.0, which is now shipping, adds features such as Smart Stunts, fully anti-aliased viewing of agents and scenes, facial blend shape support, new motion tree workflow, and a host of updates that streamline and speed the software's overall operation and UI.

Massive helped enable the crowd scenes in "The Lord of the Rings" trilogy. It can be used to produce realistic CG crowd and stunt animation with anywhere from hundreds to hundreds of thousands of digital characters.

Version 2.0 highlights include facial blend shape animation, giving users the ability to produce hero-quality animation characters placed close to the camera. Agent memory allows users to create more realistic behavior, as Massive agents now remember things and base their actions on what they've seen and experienced.

Active motion tree technology improves workflow for controlling the actions of Massive agents, and Full Massive Smart Stunts functionality lets users create dynamic digital stunts based on motion capture. Rendering has also been improved.

Massive 2.0 (www.massivesoftware.com) is priced at $18,000. An additional $4,000 per year covers updates and support. Additional licenses can be leased as needed for $2,000 per license per month, including support.