March 9, 2005


AUSTIN, TX - Commercial post and music video house Match Frame ( has opened a new Apple Final Cut Pro HD editing suite in an effort to provide cost-effective HD post services. The studio was one of the first to bring HD services to the Austin area two years ago, when it added Discreet?s Fire and Inferno tools to its equipment list.

The new Final Cut set up is configured with 5.6TB of storage, along with two 30-inch Apple Cinema displays. Match Frame has also upgraded its initial Final Cut pro systems to HD status and will expand its storage as well. Both Final Cut Pro HD systems feature AJA Kona 2 video capture cards and dual fibre-channel RAIDs. They are also outfitted with Adobe's After Effects, Photoshop and Illustrator tools.

Online editor Chris Blankenship has been editing on Final Cut Pro since Version 1 and recently completed work on director Margaret Brown's independent feature "Be Here to Love Me" using the standard definition system. In addition, director Jeff Bowden brought his indie feature "Dirt" to the studio for a final color correction pass in Final Cut Pro by Nick Smith.