February 3, 2005


N. HOLLYWOOD - Music library Megatrax Production Music (www.megatrax.com) released its newest original CD production, "Indie Rock."

Described as ?an adrenaline-fueled frenzy of garage, punk and indie rock styles, "Indie Rock" was produced by Pinch, drummer of the band The Damned, and recorded at the Mouse House recording studio in Altadena, CA. An exciting artist-driven project, the CD features members of several other punk bands contributing their talents, including guitarist Steve Soto from The Adolescents, bassist Warren Renfrow from Manic Hispanic, and singer Sean Wheeler from Throwrag.

"Indie Rock" showcases a variety of styles including modern cutting-edge punk rock (as evidenced by the song "Brain Drops"), classic '70s "Clash" style songs (i.e. "White Riot"), psycho-billy, surf punk (a la Dick Dale) and garage howlers.

The sessions were recorded and mixed by Richard Mouser, owner of The Mouse House. Reflecting on the process, Mouser remarked, "It was fun coming up with a number of different guitar tones. We used a variety of vintage amps, and various miking techniques, including room mikes, to create a colorful atmosphere."