October 5, 2005


According to Greenberg, much of the film features phone conversations, and both the production company and ADR supervisor requested numerous options for the phone dialog. Greenberg recorded tracks three different ways, simultaneously.

"We wired a telephone into the voice over booth and had Robin read directly into the phone," he explains. "Then we were able to conference three of our phones together - the one that he was holding in his hand, one in my control room through a Gentner phone interface and the third that was in an office with a microphone on the speakerphone. It was crazy, but it was cool."

These sessions were recorded in Studio 3, which features a Euphonix System 5 console and Digidesign Pro Tools|HD Accel 6.7. The System 5 played an important role as One Union's session was locked to picture with a post facility in New York.

"It made the sessions easier and I felt secure knowing that when I bussed out my code down the line to New York that it was going digitally," says Greenberg.

"The Night Listener" sessions continue the studio's work with Williams, who's also recorded dialogue for the films "Robots," "One Hour Photo" and "Bicentennial Man" at the studio.

"Robin is like a method actor, he comes in dialed-in to character and he's very intense," says Greenberg. "He's great to work with because he's very professional and he's very efficient. It's a very fun session to do."