Post Magazine
August 31, 2005


Senior engineer Andy Greenberg mixed "Globe of Death," "Colt" and "Takin' Care of Business," while fellow senior engineer Joaby Deal mixed the "Rhythm" promo.

"These were all funny spots that featured the four guys in different settings," reports Greenberg. "'Globe of Death' was an exciting one because it's got them riding on motorcycles in one of those steel globes you see at a circus. They're buzzing around, upside down and it's pretty funny."

While sound design was an important part of the "Globe of Death" spot, Greenberg points out that it was the dialogue track where he worked his magic. "We had to get the ring announcer to flow and match throughout the spot, because there were some pick ups," he explains, "so we had to move it around and fix it up to make it sound like he was delivering the lines at one time."

He turned to a Digidesign Pro Tools|HD Accel 6.9 system and the Trillum Lane Labs TL Space plug-in.

"It's a convolution reverb plug-in that recently came out," explains Greenberg. "You can emulate any kind of hall, arena or closet that you need. It's pretty flexible."

For the rest of the spots Greenberg used EQ and compression, along with the Digidesign Smack! plug-in.

"I've been using that to bring out dialogue in a mix and I think it's really an amazing compressor.?

The spots were conceived by TBWA/Chiat Day.