August 9, 2005


BANGKOK, THAILAND - Oriental Post Co. Ltd. ( has purchased and installed Imagica's newest scanner, the Imager XE Advanced Plus. Founded in 1998, Oriental Post provides high-end video post production and digital intermediate (DI) services for both Thai and and international clients. The company has posted numerous Asian blockbuster films, as well as several notable TV commercials.

The new Imager XE scans 35mm motion picture film at 1.9 seconds per frame for 4K, and 1.3 second per frame for 2K. 35mm 3perf/8perf and 16mm/Super 16mm are also available as options, as is a liquid gate which helps the effects of film scratches and dust. The gate reduces the cost of the dust and scratch removal process of mastering old classic films, which have been in high demand from digital archive facilities that have the capability of Perchloroethylene solutions for liquid gate.

"We started experimenting with DI in 2001 and since then we have built our reputation in the region," says Bobbie Wong, president of Oriental Post. "As the market has moved into DI, we have seen increasing demand and higher expectation of our clients in terms of speed and better quality. Only by expanding our current scanning capacity and acquiring an additional film scanner, the Imager XE Advanced Plus, are we able to cope with multiple projects in hand and stay ahead."